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Tiny Tots: 12mos–3yrs A parent/child program in movement education. Parents participation assures a more secure experience. 40 minutes classes


Preschool: 3-5yrs. A program for the preschool aged child in beginning gymnastics and movement education as well as gross motor skills development. 45 minute classes


Open Tumbling Class ages 10 and up. Open tumbling for all levels, must register with a parent to start. Price is $10.00 any time a child takes the class.


1 Hour Class: 5 and up. A class for boys and girls designed to introduce gymnastics in a structured and safe environment. 60 minutes class.


Advanced Beginners: 5 and up. A program designed for the advanced beginner who wishes for a more challenging experience. Prerequisite: at least one year in a 1 hour class. 90 minute class.


2 Hour Class: 6 and up. A program for those who may want more advanced work. Prerequisite: at least one year in a 1 hour class and instructors approval. 120 minute classes.


Team Programs: Deary’s provides teams for all levels of competition and can be proud of many State Championships at various levels. These teams compete under the rules and policies of USA Gymnastics. Team qualification is based on skill level and  achievement observed during classes. Team work and being a team member is stresses as well as competition.